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Hiking Rewards is a program associated with Nashville Hiking Meetup that awards points for every activity you do with the club, from hiking to volunteering to attending our social events. You can even earn points by spending money with our sponsors!

You must be a current member of Nashville Hiking Meetup in order to earn and redeem points.

Logging In

At the login screen, click the “Login with Meetup” button and the site will ask you if you want to grant permission to link Hiking Rewards with Meetup. Go ahead and grant permission.

Point values for events are listed below:

Social Event
Take a Survey
Volunteer 2-4 hours
Local Hike
Day Hike
Volunteer Full Day
Trip – 1 Overnight
Trip – 2 Overnights
Trip – 3 Overnights
Trip – 4 Overnights
Trip – 5 Overnights
Trip – 6 Overnights
Purchase at Sponsor
1 point per dollar spent

Points for events are awarded usually a few days after an event takes place.

Sponsor Purchases

Sponsor purchases earn you one point for every dollar spent. To earn credit for purchases at sponsor stores and restaurants, scan or take a digital photo of your receipt and email it to hello@nashvillehiking.com. Be sure the photo is clear and shows the date and total purchase amount. You must send the email from the email address you have in your Hiking Rewards profile so we can match your record with your points.

Plus, make a purchase at Cumberland Transit anytime in June 2010 and you’ll receive five Hiking Rewards points for every dollar spent! This is 5x the usual one point for every dollar!


Redeeming Points

Click on the Redeem Points tab, select the award you would like to receive, then confirm your request. You must have a valid mailing address and email address in your profile in order to redeem an award.

Points are not immediately deducted from your bank but will be deducted after your award is approved.

Awards will either be mailed or emailed to you depending on the format of the award.

Click here to see a full list of awards and point values. You must be logged in to view the awards page.

Priority Notification of New Events

By requesting the Priority Notification, you’ll be placed on a special email list and you’ll get emails when new events are scheduled at least several hours before a mass email announcement goes out.

Remove a Dot

If you redeem points to remove a dot (indicating that you were a no show on a prior Nashville Hiking Meetup event), we’ll take away that dot as soon as possible.



  • Awards are based on your “yes” RSVP on an event in the Meetup system. If you are a no-show for an event, you will not receive points.
  • If you have a guest on an event, that person will not receive points. Your guest will need to sign up for the Meetup and be a yes RSVP on their own to receive points.
  • Points carry over from month-to-month and at this point there’s no plan for points to ever expire.


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